Friday, August 28, 2015

The Kitchen

The Kitchen in our old house was awful... awful... AWFUL! I thought I could live with it for a little bit.... 3 days in and we started on the transformation. The husband was THRILLED... kind of.

Here is BEFORE

Not much to be desired right?

First thing I had him do was TAKE DOWN those awful cabinets that were blocking my view of the dining are.
 Immediately that opened up the entire room! Then we had to get to work on the floors because there was water damage. We had to rip out the linoleum underneath and also part of the sub floor. We replaced it with laminate from home depot

 We painted the cabinets white and then I wasn't happy with the counter tops or back splash... go figure! :) We were on a tight budget so we decided my husband would make our countertops! he used fir wood and pieced them together. He screwed them together, sanded and then did a light poly urethane on top because we wanted to keep the natural color. They cost us MAYBE $250 and they turned out BEAUTIFUL!
 We were still on a tight budget so we decided to go with subway tile and a dark grout. This was SUPER easy to install and each piece was about 20 cents. Very affordable for a nice update!
 We wanted the counter tops to be more protected so we ended up putting an epoxy bar top glaze on them to keep them nice.
 Here is an after picture! I got my farmhouse sink from IKEA! Only $325! We had to drive 6 hours to get it but we saved probably $600 from what we could have gotten in our are. If you haven't noticed I like COLOR. I wasn't happy with the all white cabinets so I decided to do the bottom cabinets a slate blue.
 Here are my miracle yard sale stools. I was about to buy them full price at target and happened to stop at a yard sale and find the EXACT stools. If that's not God I don't know what is! :)
 My husband is a chef so our dream was to have a gas stove. Our entire house is electric and we don't have access to gas. So..... we had a company plumb us for a propane line and a tank. It was VERY affordable and now we have our dream gas stove!

Here is the final product! If you would like more details on anything please contact me! Also... here is a sneak peak of our master addition we did and my dream bathroom.... post to come! 

This Old House

Two years ago we bought an older bank owned home with some land and in need of a LOT of help! The price was right so we thought WHY NOT!

 We thought maybe we would fix it up over the next 10 years.....

2 years in and we have done something to almost every room in the house and even added on a 400 sq foot addition.

I am excited to take you on the journey of this old house! Here are some before pictures to get you excited....


My name is Michelle Dean and I am the owner of MD Designs. I am excited to share some of the projects I have worked on to hopefully give you ideas for your next remodel, or to encourage you to hire me to help you! Enjoy!